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Basic Synology

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Greetings All,

I came up with a few additional Synology datasources and a property source since I realized I was without this information. Let me know if you find them useful. I'm still exploring other SNMP data available via the Synology platform. Please note you must add the system.categories "synology" in addition to whatever else may be present (snmp,TCPUDP,etc.) as I haven't yet successfully configured the SNMP SysOID Maps for Synology devices; any assistance here would be greatly appreciated.

F4T3CX = Synology Disk Status (Individual disk failures and temperatures)

R977RE = Synology DiskStation Manager software upgrade availability

PR4DGP = PropertySource for gathering and displaying Model, Serial, and DSM Version in the info tab.



Alejandro Esmael

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