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Simon O'Sullivan

how to identify network devices that do not have config back-up config source


Hi all,

We have a heap of network devices that we monitor. Sometimes I'm not sure if all have their config backups running via the config source.

I'm looking for a way to identify network devices that do not have specific "properties" set that would cause them to not be backed up correctly. E.g. some sort of report that identifies all Cisco switches that do not have ssh.user and ssh.pass correctly set. 

This is the reverse of the "applies to" button in the config or data source configuration.

How can I do this?


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@Simon O'Sullivan,

You can still use AppliesTo to make a dynamic group and pull all the devices missing those properties into the group, using the following example:

isCisco() && !(ssh.user) && !(ssh.pass)

This should get you all Cisco devices that don't have both of the SSH credential pieces set. Hope that helps!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns...



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Hi Kerry,

Good in theory, however when you have devices that do meet the above requirements, but lets say wrong user or pass, their config would not be backed up.

In our case it's some devices having TACACS and as such need to use a service user while others have a local account when not reaching the TACACS server.

Catching which devices have a config instance and those that don't (via a regex - to match say just switches) is our current goal.

Kind regards


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