Dashboard graph widgets - aggregate by instance name / device group name

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We have several clustered devices where metrics are gathered on each node.  However, the instances across each node are identical.  When attempting to graph this data, this means that I would need to add a new datapoint for each instance and use a glob pattern to select the devices from which to pull those instances.  This can mean that a lot of time goes into creating these graphs if there are several instances to monitor. Examples:

  • Three Solr nodes - each servicing search requests for the same 10 collections.  In order to see the total number of GET requests for each of those collections, I would need to create a graph that has 10 individual datapoints.  Instead, I would like to add one datapoint and have the graph intelligently aggregate all instances that have the same name, regardless of the node.
  • Several device groups exist under a parent group.  If I want to see the average CPU utilization across each of these groups on a single graph, I would need to add a separate datapoint for each group.

A potential solution could be to allow the integration of regex instead of glob patterns to allow for capture groups.  Otherwise a simple checkbox for "aggregate instances by device group" and "aggregate instances by instance names" when selecting aggregated graph types would be extremely useful and time-saving.

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