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Fixing device hostnames after being populated



Our Logicmonitor install had a good number of devices added without PTR records and are all being identified with IP addresses. We've since fixed the reverses but doing data entry for >300 devices seems a bit silly.

Is there a way to initiate a rename-by-reverse similar to the way NetScan is able to for devices already tracked?

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Sorry for the delay,

My next guess is that you create a script that lists the devices trough api. For each device do a ping (in PowerShell: Test-NetConnection) extract the computername and add it to the device displayname. Again through API.

We don't have a script like that but have been talking about writing one. If or when we do we'll put it up here but that may take a while so if you haven't solved your problem yet my recommendation is start scripting. Hope it works out for you.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

@Dan_Wood - depending on your level of scripting comfort, I have a Python script you can use that will use the LogicMonitor API to pull device property 'system.sysname' and rename the device Display Name to that property...

Let me know if you're interested and I can clean it up and post it here...

*Update - someone posted similar functionality here: 


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found it posted already!
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