When adding a SDT allow monitoring to also be disabled in addition to alerts

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When an SDT is active it only disables alerts, the hosts are still monitored.

There are times when I want monitoring turned off during a Scheduled Down Time.

Case in point.

We run some older Windows 2003k servers with IIS6. Every night we do maintenance tasks between midnight and 2AM. One of those tasks is to recycle the web site application pools. Stopping and starting an application pool can take from zero to 20 seconds depending on server activity.

After an application pool is restarted, the first time a web page is accessed the javascript files being served to the client are cached on the server.

Due to a bug(s) in IIS6 if these pages are accessed from multiple threads during the website startup and caching phase, sometimes the cache files become corrupted.

This means than from 1AM until the time our support staff arrives at 5AM, our websites may be experiencing serious problems. This problem used to happen once every other week. It now happens almost daily and it is causing considerable problems with our clients in different time zones that start working at 3AM.

On Sept 18, LogicMonitor added a third webservice monitoring location. Since that time was have noticed almost daily outages on at least one of the 18 sites that are being monitored. It was too coincidental that websites that run on different servers that have not been modified in months all started to exhibit this problem after Sept 18.

As a result I am currently disabling all website monitoring. Granted this will not fix the IIS6 bugs when we have heavy activity in the early AM, but it will be one less thing to have to consider as a possible cause.

I am sure there are other use cases for disabling monitoring during a SDT

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