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ServiceNow integration with slack


Hi Folks,

I am a new to ServiceNow recently completed ServiceNow Certification.

I got some trouble, I need to integrate servicenow with slack which helps to send high and critical P1 alerts to a slack channel.

I am looking for possibilities that can be done to get the serviceNow integrated with slack.

Any ideas / suggestions?

Thanks in Advance

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We went the pricey route and use PagerDuty to act as a middleman. This is largely something we did because this functionality wasn't supported out of box. 

It does look like the ServiceNow-Slack integration is available now, if you're on Kingston and have the IntegrationHub module--https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/kingston-servicenow-platform/page/administer/integrationhub/reference/slack-spoke.html

The company I work for just deployed Kingston and I'm told the module is available (but not deployed). So I have some "fun" times ahead championing this internally. 


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This may not meet all your requirements, but another way to think about it.  LM integrates with both SNOW and Slack, you could have your escalation chains simultaneously create a SNOW incident and post to the Slack channel for those Critical alerts.

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