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How to display server properties in table format as a Dashboard




I am totally new to LM so please keep that in mind but I have used IBM BigFix for years :).  Anyway, I was wondering if there is anyway to create a table that can display properties/items like the following on a LM dashboard??

Name Type OS OS Version CPU Type Mem Size Mem Available  Ram Size Ram Available Tomcat Version Perl Version Java Scheduled Jobs/Cron
server1 Physical Linux CentOS 6.2 4 Core Intel Xeon 3.5ghz 1.5 T 800G 16 G 5G xxx.a3 10.8xxx 1.8 run.pl
server2 VM Linux CentOS 6.2 2 Core Intel Xeon 3.5ghz 1.5 T 800G 16 G 5G xxx.a3 10.8xxx 1.7 clean.pl
server3 Physical Windows Server 2012R2 8 Core Intel Xeon 2.5ghz 800G 235G 12G 6G na 11.xx 1.6 Servicemix


I have looked at the "INFO" tab but those properties seem very limited.  Also, I will be embedding the LM dashboard URL into confluence to keep everything organized with all our other group data.  Due to issues with SSL between LM and confluence " This content can't be shown in a frame......" error, I can only display dashboards in confluence. Which is ok as long as I can customized the dashboard the way I want.

I have been trying to find out if this is doable by looking at everything I can find about LM dashboards but have not been able find a solution.  I am hoping that I am not the only one that has come across this issue. 



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