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Alerting on incorrect SNMP Community Strings and values

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I'd like to see an automated system in which LogicMonitor tests the associated SNMP community strings against hosts automatically and reports back if there is an issue (the string is wrong, or has been changed - aka is wrong). This would be helpful in large environments where strings may be controlled by different groups and may be changed as part of an internal security process or implementation of another monitoring platform. Additionally, if you add a host and the string is wrong at that point, it's up to you to remember that you need to go back in and correct this situation. It would be awesome to have the system continue to test and alert on the string as it does when you add the host - the logic must already be there, but it only happens when you add the host the first time via the Wizard. I currently have several hosts in a portal with incorrect SNMP strings and there are 0 alerts on them, I could easily pass that off as "everything looks good here", but in reality I can't even reach the device. I need something (test/alert) that will verify that all strings and other settings are correct, working, and I'm actually pulling data on everything that I'm expecting to in the system. This advanced feature would provide needed assurance in environments where mission critical systems rely on SNMP values to be accurate and reportable, and would be another strong selling point for your already robust and feature-rich product.

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I am definitely going to check that out, Mike -- always wished we could have that in LM!  To answer the original question, there is a way to detect SNMP access failures, but it relies on you knowing something that is not well documented.  If you check the Uptime datapoint, you will find it has no threshold, but will generate a warning on "No Data", so:


We always have rules like the above for each of our clients as well as similar rules for WMI failure.  I have recommended previously that datapoints with "No Data" alerts are indicated in the tuning page along with regular thresholds.

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