Groovy hostProps method to fetch device properties using wildcard/glob/regex

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I've setup a few custom properties that define if an Oracle database exists and the port it listens on in a key-value pair/JSON syntax. These properties are named in <ApplicationName>.databases format (e.g. app1.databases & app2.databases).

Not wanting to repeat myself, I have a set of datasources that query the common Oracle datapoints, but I would like a way to combine all of these *.databases properties together without having to constantly update the datasources or a propertysource whenever I have a new application to monitor.

It would be nice to have a method in the hostProps class that supports getting device properties using a wildcard, glob, or regular expression.

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Hey Joe,

I'm not sure that this exactly meets your needs, but I think it's a good start.  Basically, you can call hostProps.toProperties() method which spits out an array that you can now dig through and filter using regex.  Something like this:

def allProps = hostProps.toProperties()
    if(it ==~ /.*\.databases=/){
        println it

Let me know if this doesn't address what you're trying to accomplish.


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