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Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a free time synchronization service at re:Invent today.  The announcement is at Interestingly they recommend that people uninstall NTP and install chrony instead. I tried this on a local Linux host and LM and get the following error:

Alert Message:
LMD2375 warn - NTP ntpqNotFound
ID: LMD2375
The ntpq binary was not found on the agent monitoring
Please install the ntpq binary (typically by yum install ntp, or apt-get install ntp)

If LM customers running in AWS follow the recommendation their NTP monitoring will fail. Could / will LM support chrony in addition to ntpq?

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On 05/12/2017 at 5:22 AM, Steve Francis said:

Yeah - looks like it's simple enough.

We'll change the script to look for chrony as well as ntpq


Is this going anywhere?

We've recently raised a feature request for this (#99148) and LogicMonitor acknowledged this is simple enough back in 2017 yet no update whatsoever.

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I too am interested in the progress of this request as I submitted request 126119 where support stated that the check chronyd-enabled time sync check should be released, "in weeks"; this was back in December of 2019. Meanwhile, I have many warning alerts for NTP checks on AWS Linux-based VMs.

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