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503 : This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements.

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Looks like it is working for me now, could you give it another try when time allows?

I would expect it to be available in the next few days. PM me and I can send you the XML if you would prefer.

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Thanks for this, this is great.

I am only interested in the ip and org info so in the interest of de-cluttering the property source info I reduced the script output to just that. Stack Exchange (since I'm not a groovy guy) pointed me to this solution.

//comment out orig map iteration
//arrayInfo_map.each{ key, value -> println "$key=$value"};

def ip_addr = arrayInfo_map.find{ it.key == "ip" }?.value;
    println "ip = ${ip_addr}";

def carrier = arrayInfo_map.find{ it.key == "org" }?.value;
    println "org = ${carrier}";

I wouldn't be surprised if improvement on this is possible.

Thanks again.

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