multiple parallel datapoint thresholds

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There are many times where multiple thresholds make sense for a datapoint, but LM forbids this.  Simple examples:

* If bitrate is too low OR too high on an interface (especially if one case might be a warning and the other case is critical)
* Just ran into this: Cluster Node State on a database server can have different values -- one might be critical and another just warning.  If the values are arranged just right, you can fake it with increasing or decreasing values for < or > thresholds.  But in this case it is really possible to pick up "not OK" when some of those are more bad than others.

What I often do is create tracking complex datapoints with different thresholds assigned, so there is a workaround, but it is awkward.  I see no reason that several threshold definitions should not be allowed to be assigned at once if needed.


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Never saw any feedback on this, and here we are a year later.  I just ran into another case where this would be useful (there are many).  The current Cisco Stack DS has a State datapoint.  That has a builtin threshold for > 4 as warning.  Really, this should be "< 4" warning and "> 4" critical, but this is currently impossible.  Please make fixing this a priority!

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1 hour ago, Tom Lasswell said:

As a workaround, typically we create a "cloned" datapoint that allows for the alerts to go for different threshold responses. 

Yep as do I.  But I generally recoil at changing LM-provided datasources since it makes it much harder to deal with updates.  That is a subject of at least a few of my other FR posts and something I am told is actively being worked on :).

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