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Windows MAC addresses PropertySource

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@Dave Lee Q came up with idea this initially, then we kicked it around a bit refining it, tweaking it, and completely rewriting it, before finally settling on this version.

What it does:

Creates auto.interfaceindex_X.YYY property sources for every network interface with a MAC address on a Windows device.

  • auto.interfaceindex_<interfaceIndex>.mac
  • auto.interfaceindex_<interfaceIndex>.name
  • auto.interfaceindex_<interfaceIndex>.netconnectionid

Additionally, it creates a single auto.device.macaddresses property containing a semi-colon separated list of all MAC addresses on the device (to make life easier if you want to create and search a Device Inventory Report, for example).

For details of the values returned, see Microsoft's documentation at:

v1.2.0: 6AKP47

It'll give you something a little bit like this:


You might also be interested in this mod of the WinIf- datasource, which finds and stores MAC addresses (and other properties) of monitored interfaces as Instance Level Properties:


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