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Collector Sizing


New to this forum.  We are trialing LogicMonitor as a replacement for a traditional NMS system.  We're a resell of NMS service.  I believe the industry calls that an MSP.  We want to resell this service using an appliance as collector.  Basically we want to preload the collector software and send it to a customer location and then go from there.  What I'm struggling with is some guide to what hardware we should spec out for this.  I realize a one size fits all is not going to get it.  Our customers service is all WAN only routers and some customers have netflow.  We have some customers that have 10 or 15 devices and some that have all the way up to 1000 to 1200 devices with every thing in between.  The protocols used are SNMP, ICMP, Syslog, Netflow.  So I'm thinking one type of hardware for 0 to 200 devices, another for 200 to 500 devices, and a third for 500 to 1200 devices.  I figure anything above that is going to take more than one collector.  I have found a industrial vendor that can supply boxes with every thing from Celeron to Xeon class CPUs and everything in between with 2g to 16g or more and SDD or HDD drives.  The first question is does any one have any experience running collectors with Quad Core Celeron processors.  Second question is what size hard drives show we have.  There's not really in formal documents that the company publishes on Collector hardware other than an obscure document list Xeon class servers and even that has no disc sizing recommendations.

Any help and advice would greatly be appreciated

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Hi Jeff -

I assume you've seen our information on Collector sizing at: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/settings/collectors/collector-capacity/

From a storage standpoint the Collector uses only a nominal amount of space -- only about 200MB. And disk storage is not used in normal operation because essentially all operations take place in-memory.

Where the Collector may use disk is to cache collected data in case of a temporary outage between the Collector and the LM mothership. In this (typically rare) case the Collector will write collected data to disk until connectivity with our service platform is restored, at which point this cache will be flushed such that any consumed storage will be freed.

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