Bandwidth report on an interface (e.g. GB/month)

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It would be nice if LogicMonitor can provide a customer Bandwidth report (monthly, weekly, etc) on a specific interface of a device (SVI, Physical, etc) and provide a nice graph of the actual bandwidth usage also (not average base on sample frequency).

As a Cloud provider, it will allow us to have a powerful tool to true up our customer's bandwidth usage.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

You can do this now in one of two ways:

1) you can run an Interface bandwidth report, which shows you all interfaces for the selected devices, in a nice presentation
2) or use the metric trends report, which can also be set to create graphs, and allows specification of individual interfaces, etc.

Do they meet your needs?

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Hi @Steve Francis,

On the same concept, while waiting for LogicMonitor to work on the report, I decided to go to the interface, export out the data into CSV and use it to compose report for our customers. However, I notice that when I export data for 1 month, I can only get a total of 250 data points, means, about one data point every 3 hours. That's not accurate when it comes down to bandwidth report. If there is a place where I can export the real total collected data points, that would be great.

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