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CPU metrics for - Dell EqualLogic FS7610 NAS appliance

Peter Dugan


Is it possible to populate logicmonitor with cpu & other resource metrics from a Dell EqualLogic FS7610 NAS appliance? If so could instructions be provided? Currently I just have a few host status metrics, such as DNS, host status, uptime, ping & tcp udp stats. 

Similar for our equallogic SANs we have the equallogic metrics, such as disks, group, member,pools & volumes data but still no cpu or memory metrics.

Thank you



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  • LogicMonitor Staff

For the EqualLogic SANs - Dell does not expose the CPU or memory metrics at all. Dell's response is "No, there's no way to monitor the internal stats like CPU, cache, etc..  Given the design, a simple CPU/MEM graph wouldn't provide you with relevant information.   This is especially true in multimember groups.

What you care about is how the array(s) are handling the IO load under the various circumstances. "


Regarding the 7610 - if we aren't monitoring it adequately, contact your account manager to open a datasource request. (And if you get the MIBs from http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/storage/w/wiki/2691.mib-files-for-equallogic that would help.)

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