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We need to be able to filter on the message context inside the SNMP trap, not just:

enterpriseOid, generalCode, snmpVersion, specificCode, trapOid


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As a precise example as to why this would be a useful feature:  vCenter alarms SNMP trap notifications.  At least in my experience these are sent from vCenter as v1 traps but all the juicy information is in the trap variable bindings.  Here's a trap sent from a CPU Usage Alarm: Green Red alarm.VmCPUUsageAlarm - Metric CPU Usage = 100% SERVER-1 3 
generalCode: 6 
snmpVersion: v1 
specificCode: 203 
sysUpTime: 1778505188 
trapVariableBindingCount: 5

All the /really/ useful information is in the trap variables:

  • (vmwVpxdOldStatus)
  • (vmwVpxdNewStatus)
  • (vmwVpxdObjValue - What alarm got tripped!)
  • ( vmwVpxdTargetObj - What vCenter object tripped the alarm!)

Being able to filter on the contents of bound variables, and address them as tokens in alarm subject/message, as something like ##TRAPVAR01##, ##TRAPVAR02##, ##TRAPVAR03## would be a massive workflow improvement for us.

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