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Juniper Router HW Info

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Name: Juniper Router Inventory

Displayed As: Juniper MX and SRX HW Info

Locator Code: RJEAXH


I cloned the Device_Component_Inventory and modified it to work with Juniper MX and SRX devices, since D_C_I didn't work with Juniper OoB. 

There is more information available within Juniper's jnxBoxAnatomy if you'd like to further modify, but serial number and box description were most valuable to us. 

We added snmp sysContact, which is how/where we've chosen to record Building Location and Asset Tag number in a router's local configuration file (we wanted to reserve snmp sysLocation for future use) and represent that with a property called "auto.assetinfo" and then we added the system.sysinfo property.

We've used this very effectively with the Device Inventory Report, which gives us inventory with the following:

  • Device Name (in Logicmonitor)
  • Serial number
  • Building, Room number, asset tag
  • HW Description
  • Junos version

Thanks very much to my CSM Kyle and to each of the Support Engineers who provided answers to questions that helped me put this together.

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