Apache Solr datasources need scrubbing

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I'm not sure where else to post this, but I wanted to make sure the LogicMonitor team takes another look at the apache solr datasources in the repository as they need to be scrubbed.  Currently these datasources use applies to rules that seem to be very specific to one customer.  Here is one example:

contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/CHI/SLAVE/JOB") or contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/AMS/SLAVE/JOB") or contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/QTW/SLAVE/JOB") or contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/CHI/MASTER/JOB") or contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/AMS/MASTER/JOB")
or contains (system.groups,"SEARCH/QTW/SLAVE/JobAux")
or  contains(system.groups,"SEARCH/CHI/SLAVE/JOBAUX")
or system.displayname =~ "solrone"

I should also mention that I have completely rebuilt these datasources and combined them into a single datasource that pulls all of this data with a single API query.  I'll be submitting it after I scrub and polish it. :)

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This datasource doesn't poll SOLR via the API.  It uses JMX which has to be enabled on your SOLR cores (collections) in solrconfig.xml.  You can read how to do that here:  https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/6_6/using-jmx-with-solr.html

JMX provides lots of data that might not be exposed via the standard api queries.  However, SOLR is actually quite good about making sure all sorts of monitoring data is available without JMX and they don't recommend enabling it in production.

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We have the following SOLR datasources imported but they are not finding the instances.

  • Solr JVM Stats
    • Applies to: solr.port && solr.append
  • Apache_SOLR_* (many)
    • applies to: jmx.ports

How do we make the Apache_SOLR_* datasources recognize SOLR instances? They seems to depend on the jmx.ports value, but 8983 is not correct.

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  • LogicMonitor Staff

@George Bica the jmx.ports property must be set on the devices manually. The value of the property should be your JMX port(s) separated by commas. Once you've done this, the Apache_SOLR* modules should apply and start collecting. "Solr JVM Stats" has since been deprecated.

JMX was probably selected over the API for expediency, or perhaps that API wasn't around then.


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@George Bica - I cooked this up and have been steadily improving it over time.  I figured I might as well share it since it seems to be causing you some pain.  :)

This datasource polls SOLR via the API and port.  On the device, you'll need to set up these two properties:

  • solr.port (default is 8983)
  • solr.append (default is solr)

The scripts I put together are pretty efficient, so discovery and monitoring should only take a minute or two to get going.  If it still doesn't work, you might be running into a firewall issue or something.

I've got more SOLR datasources I'll be posting in the next few minutes so keep an eye out.  Though - you might not be able to pull them down until they're cleared by the fine folks at LogicMonitor.


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@Michael Rodrigues - Thanks!  I've got more on the way.

@George Bica - Here's another one.  It might not work for your version of SOLR, but it has the exact same requirements otherwise.  Add solr.port and solr.append to your solr servers and this datasource will provide lots of useful JVM metrics without the need for enabling JMX.

I'm still going through my datasources, so I might still have one or two to post.  I'll keep replying to this thread with whatever I've got.


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@George Bica - Last one.  This is an eventsource, so no pretty graphs here.  It makes an API call to pull all of the events in the solr log and then alerts on Error and Severe events only.  It doesn't apply to servers by default because it can be quite noisy if you don't have it tuned properly.  Once you're sure it's not going to blow up after you've applied it, go ahead and change the Applies To rules and you should be good to go.  Hope these help!


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