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So how long does beta generally take until released?  I still see nothing in the DS repo for Ruckus.  I am going to start with the module for LibreNMS and build something on my own.

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Hey @mnagel we're actually working on this right now but we're blocked on having access to a device. If you can help us get access we're looking to get these into core soon.

Back in 2017, "beta" included all sorts of stuff that wouldn't necessarily make it to core in a timely manner.

The team's come quite a ways since then, and with the Exchange we'll have some better infrastructure in place to distribute and track "beta" modules.

We're looking to nail down our Q1 2020 LogicModule Roadmap in mid-December, which we will publish to avoid duplicate efforts.

Thanks for bearing with us, hopefully I caught you before you spent too much time on Ruckus.

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