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How much data a server transfer to the LogicMonitor SaaS



What is the avg. data size one Windows server generates to be transferred by the collector to the LogicMonitor SaaS servers?

Same question about a Linux machine.

We need to know the impact on the network / internet connection

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Here's a help article that mentions this topic.  https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/about-logicmonitor/faq/network-communication/   To summarize, as of May 2017 it says 1Mbps of internet bandwidth for 300 devices (this assumes typical mix of windows, linux, network gear, etc). On the LAN side (not internet), I estimate the bandwidth usage is slightly higher for Windows compared to Linux because WMI queries and responses contain more info compared to the SNMP retrieval used to monitor Linux.  But transferring the resulting values from the collector to LM datacenter (over the internet) would be similar since it's similar metrics for both. e.g. a 68% CPU metric on Windows is the same 68% on Linux. I hope this helps to answer your question.

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