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Looking for the best option to run a SQL query on one of the databases we have on the SQL server, get the result and:

1. Add value to the server properties so I can see it unxer the info.

2. Create graph from the query results 

Some of the queries may return one value but some several rows like:

Pass 100

Failed 200

Ignored 50


I would like to alert e.g. if we have more than 500 failed.

I would like to create chart how many pass, failed, ignore.


What is the best option to run those queries ?

I would like to get automatically the DB name from the SQL and run it on each database that the database name contain "public"

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Hi Idan -

In this case it sounds like what you'll want to do is create a datasource that uses JDBC-based Active Discovery to get the database name (e.g. something like "SHOW DATABASES") then use JDBC Data Collection to run your query. See:
respectively. You can then create datapoints with appropriate thresholds to generate alerts.

To get the current value of the datapoint somewhere you can see, the best bet is probably to use our "Big Number Widget" on a dashboard. For details see:


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