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Disabling VMware WMI Performance Logging - Does it affect LogicMonitor?


We have all of our VMs monitored with LogicMonitor which does a good job gathering details from our VMs. However, we have VMware tools installed on all VMs and leave WMI Performance Logging enabled. This VMware tools feature ends up generating a ton of events: 256 and 258 which reference vmGuestLibrary vmStatsProvider alerts. This is just standard behavior of VMware tools since it is pulling logging details in and creates these events.

What I am trying to determine is if I can safely disable this WMI performance logging and allow LogicMonitor to still do the WMI calls, and if there is any impact. I am not sure if LogicMonitor relies on this WMI performance logging anyway since I believe it is gathering data directly from Windows and doesn't care that VMware tools is generating anything.


Anyone have any insight on this?

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Hi Jaelae,

I have a couple thoughts here:

First thing to mention - our primary collection method of data from VMware is through the API - so while we monitor many Windows datapoints through WMI, the VMware datasources shouldn't depend on that. I tested this just now on a Windows Server 2016 VM - and didn't notice a difference in either the monitoring of the VM as a direct device - or the monitoring of the VM from the host perspective. (The uninstall of WMI Performance Logging from the VMware Tools Toolbox didn't even require a reboot for me.)

Second - we recently updated all of our VMware datasources; the new ones are looking fantastic and chock-full of some useful instance-level properties. You should be able to grab them by going to "Settings -> LogicModules -> DataSources -> Add -> Add From LogicMonitor Repository" and selecting them from the list. Our datasource team's actually released a bunch of great new material in the last couple months, so I highly encourage everyone to check out the new datasources available there.

Hope that helps - seems like you should just be fine to proceed, I would probably start with a single machine and vet it out in your environment first, though.




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