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Description:  Monitors the health of each VM as reported by VMTools.

How it works:  Automatically applies to ESX hosts and adds each guest with VMWare tools installed as an instance.  Polls for the status of the VMWare tools service, the vm's heartbeat, configuration issues, and up/down state.  Doesn't alert on anything unless the VM is up.  Appears to be quite reliable for detecting VM's that are unresponsive even though all other metrics appear normal.  Alerts aren't triggered until after at least two datapoints to prevent false-positives.  No graphs for this as it's pretty straightforward.  Since VMWare reports health rollup stats as colors (green, yellow, red, gray), this script converts those colors to green:1 - Yellow:2 - red:3  - gray:0

Alerting:  Alert subjects are customized to be very clear.  Body of the alert email explains what each threshold means in case there's ever any confusion.

Notes:  This will likely only work on esxi 5.1 and up.  Make sure the host has valid credentials set for the esx.user and esx.pass parameters.

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