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Add "show totals" to Custom graph widget

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When looking at a graph widget's legend, you get the option to "Show Boundries". When this item is checked "min=xx | max=xx | avg=xx" is  displayed next to the bottom label.

I would like to add a total=xxx item to the boundry so "min=xx | max=xx | avg=xx" becomes "min=xx | max=xx | avg=xx | total=xxx"

Our business model is transactional, so we track transactions per second, transactions per minute, and transactions per billing cycle.
PRTG allows us to track all of that.  LogicMonitor cannot provide us with an answer for transactions per billing cycle.

I have attempted to get this info from reports as well, but there does not seem to be a way to do this.  
The Aggregate-sum feature will not work because it changes the graph scale (ex: 250 txn/second = 15000 txn/minute.)

PRTG has this feature built in, and Our Management team uses this for a few things, namely cross checking our internal txn logging systems, and more importantly, reporting transactional statistics to our Partners.

I can't decommission PRTG until there is some solution for this, either a report, or preferably in the graph widget (because the Reports from Graphs feature is awesome).

We will continue to provide PRTG graphs to our (VERY high profile) Partners.

I look forward to the day our Partners see the graph signature change from PRTG to LogicMonitor

Thank you for your consideration.

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