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Nam Ngo

Add More Functionality and Robustness to API

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Currently, we\'ve been trying to get a listing of all DataSources for various automated task logic. However, there is a very limited way to get various pieces of information from the API.

For example: In order to get a list of all DataSources currently, we have to export all the datasources through the LM GUI, and then we had to create a special XML parser for extracting the DataSource names (and subsequently filtering out the ones we are more concerned about), and then running that list through our desired custom automated logic. But it would be much more convenient to just do it through the API. We also can\'t easily get a list of Event Sources and Service Sources.

This feature suggestion is presented in hopes that something like this can be done, and if anyone else has other API woes to suggest it here so that there is 1-stop API shop for all the API changes.

The specific ones I propose are:

- return a JSON list of DataSources

- return a JSON list of Event Sources

- return a JSON list of Service Sources

- modify Event Sources

- modify Service Sources

- robustness in modifying some LM entities (sometimes updating particular entities when not listing all defined fields will overwrite the whole entity with an empty one except for the supplied fields you intended to change; in this case, you would lose any/everything unless you listed all populated fields; I believe this happened with hosts using the \'\'updateHost\'\' API call)

- API documentation updates:

- API for Services:

- Include a single \'\'master ID\'\' for ease of acking Alerts:

- Better Alert filtering through the API:

So... anybody have any other suggestions?

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