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Bandwidth Report for multiple WAN instances



Hi LM Community,

My second post here! Hello to all!

I'm looking for a method to create a bandwidth report for all of my WAN interfaces only that are currently configured.. SNMP is activated on all of these devices. As of now the pre-built BW report can pull on a specific device, however that will show me all of the instances, and not just the single WAN instance I'm looking to report on. End game I'm trying to create a automated repeatable report that I can deliver to my client which shows usages of the circuits (Min/Max/Average) on one report. Decent size network, so we're talking around approx. 60 WAN instances.

Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? I've played around a lot thus far, but I can only find a way to do what I want without a TON of manual work each time.

Thanks, much appreciated!

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The Interface Bandwidth Report is a special version of the Device Metric Trends Report, designed specifically to make it easy to get interface metrics.  While it is designed to meet requirements in most cases, it isn't going to work perfectly for everyone.  If you use the Device Metric Trends Report template instead, you'll have more control over what goes into the report - you'll be able to pick specific instances, and you can even use glob.  So if your WAN interfaces are named such that you can match them all with a glob expression, you could set up a Device Metric Trends report that, for example, matches all devices, the snmpIf- datasource, all instances that match *WAN*, and the specific interface datapoints you want to see.  

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