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Found 8 results

  1. Please add a token for alert notes so that we can include an alert's notes in the email notification when an alert clears.
  2. At the moment the ##GROUP## token appears as below in emails. This is very difficult to read as the comma indicating a separate group is hard to spot. Can you please split the ##GROUP## token on the comma and put each one on a new line. Infrastructure Services/Primary/Americas/Network Services/Network Services - Corporate - US/Routers/CenturyLink, Infrastructure Services/Primary/Americas/Network Services/Network Services - Corporate - US/# Locations/Orlando
  3. At the moment ##GROUP## is comma separated post interpolation in email notifications. Can you please place each group name on a new line as this is easier to read.
  4. Extending alert information from LogicMonitor to other 3rd Party systems is pretty common for us, however, the available tokens today to describe the alert is missing a few bits of data (we feel). It would be incredibly helpful to have an alert token that contains the LM User responsible for Acknowledging the alert, and a separate token for the Ack comment. Having these tokens allows us to better map alerting details to upstream and downstream integrations.
  5. Please add a new token which interpolates to direct parent group of a device, without the rest of the path (grandparents). So for exaemple, the following: Middleware Services/Database Services/OpenEdge - Global, Business Services/Pacific/Hygiene/NZ/iCABS - Hygiene - NZ would become just: OpenEdge - Global iCABS - Hygiene - NZ Perhaps a ##GROUPWITHOUTPATH##, or something.
  6. Implement string functions for the Name field. We have very normalized naming conventions and this would save us from having to add multiple items. Example, we have services named: Finance - Corporate - UK Finance - Corporate - FR Finance - Corporate - DE and so on. Would be easier if we could use a string function with token interpolation, especially or the NOC widget, for example: Finance @RIGHT(‘##SERVICEGROUP##’, 2) Where ‘Finance’ is a static, and the function @RIGHT() returns the right most two characters from the ##SERVICEGROUP## token interpolation for each matched item. The end result would be NOC blocks with labels: Finance UK Finance FR Finance DE Hope this makes sense.
  7. Currently there is a token (GROUP) which are the groups a device is a member of. I would also like to have a token which is the parent groups of the device groups (see attached image).
  8. I would love it if we could reference ##SERVICESRESPONSE## on an overall alert. We don't deliver alerts for singular test location failures, since our mandate to only notify on systemic issues across all test locations. So the question will probably, which response to include in the event there are differing responses? Why not include all of them! Or only include the first one in the test location array for that service. Or pick a random one. Or arbitrarily decide certain failure reasons have a "higher" priority than others and choose the "highest" one.