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Found 5 results

  1. We have script DataSources that output useful diagnostics information that help Operations to understand the number value when an alert is generated. We want to include the raw output from a DataSource in the alert and email body. What we need is a ##DSRAWOUTPUT## token which contains the complete raw output sent to standard out from a DataSource script. For example, we monitor for processes running under credentials they are no supposed to be running under, and we want to include that info as textual information in the alert/email body.
  2. The datasource tokens ##DataSource## and ##INSTANCE## do not allow for enough granularity. For example, if I want to the an alert to state that it is a "Citrix Services" alert, I cannot just use the ##DataSource## token as this will also include the Instance name, which may be long and confusing such as "WinCitrixServices-Citrix Independent Management Architecture". A ##DataSourceDisplayName## or similar token would resolve this, the name is stored by LM as dataSourceDisplayName. This token is what I am requesting. With the current setup, ##DataSource## equals Datasource.dataSourceName + instance.DisplayName And ##INSTANCE## equals instance.Name Thank You, John
  3. Alert messages for services lack the ability to insert a token which would include the step. Currently, it's only possible to insert the root url, but when checking multiple web services, the "step" is critical in identifying the issue. As a workaround, I've named the service the full path to the web service and while that works, it renders them illegible in service view.
  4. All, Although LogicMonitor provides a key identifier in the Device Resource called "id" , it doesn't provide a mechanism to actually reference that key identifier via a token. Can you please either create a token for the device id's or expose the device id as a system property of the device?
  5. I would like to request the ability to utilize a token to pass the Acknowledgement Comment for an alert to a ConnectWise ticket. Ideally we would like it so that when a ConnectWise ticket's status is updated because the alert has been acknowledged in LogicMonitor, the comment set for the acknowledgement is passed and included in the ticket. Currently we are able to use the ##ALERTSTATUS## token to display the current status of the alert, but the ability to utilize the acknowledgement comment would greatly improve ticket handling. Thank you, Chris Czuhanich