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Found 3 results

  1. Monitoring SSL Certificate expiry days can be done in LogicMonitor by making use of datasource SSLCerts- (SSL Certificate Expiration). On the side note, SSL Certificate is used for certifying a web server that does the secured socket layer data encryption between a web server and a client (web browser). SSL Certificate is issued by several organizations/companies so called Certificate Authority (CA) for the purpose of providing the legitimacy of the web servers that encrypt the data for communication. The certificates issued will be digitally-signed by those CA and can be trusted by the client
  2. Can LogicMonitor notifiy us of certificates on a server that are about to expire? We have several management webservers. You know the type, internal, only used for IT or small department. It may be to manage "X" tool. They all have certificates. I don't care enough about the web server to set up web monitoring but I do monitor the server itself as it is usually a Windows server with several applications on it. Is there a way for logicmonitor to monitor if the certificate is going to expire on the server?
  3. Some other monitoring tools provide SSL certificate monitoring to alert for expiring certs. Really wish LogicMonitor had this. +1 if I could use a collector to monitor for private SSL certs that aren't accessible publicly (like for RDS and the like).