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Found 4 results

  1. So question when setting up Website profiles, we need to alert if a status page contains either "Degraded' or "Down" or a multiple different status states.. Does the Response section allow for regEx statements? In our other tool we could specify /.*(DOWN|DEGRADED).*/ but so far no regex pattern that works elsewhere works in this profile section. Does it support regEx in this response section?
  2. Our Tech Support team occasionally received some customer's questions related to RegEx usage within LM environment, Regex can be complicated if you do not know how to use it, however, it can be a very useful tool for you here in LM. I am going to cover 4 topics in this article, they are: 1) Basic general examples on Regex 2) Regex text match for HTTP Datasource 3) Using Regex for dynamic groups 4) Using Regex to filter out results from Datasources 1) Basic general examples on Regex How to use ^' and ‘$’ Below teaches you how to use the symbols ^ and $
  3. A very useful feature of LogicMonitor is the support for glob expressions in fields throughout your portal. If you’ve spent a good amount of time customizing your alert rules or dashboard widgets, chances are you’re already familiar with the usefulness of character matching. If you aren’t accustomed to using glob or are curious as to what benefits it it can provide, please read on. What is glob? Simply put, glob is the name for a process of pattern matching. Its name is derived from the fact that it’s checking against a global list of object names. If you have a look at your device tr
  4. Hi, Recently I had a chance to chat with LogicMonitor support team & they recommend a new feature request to be submitted to LogicMonitor DEV team. In short, there are times when a specific exception is thrown & logged into the Tomcat log file, we would like to monitor not just that line that throw the exception but also multiple lines before and afterwards. Right now LogicMonitor can display that "exception" line only. It will be really helpful in both production and QA environment if LogicMonitor can display multiple lines before and after that exception line being monitored v