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Found 3 results

  1. The new Alert UI no longer appears to support negative filters, e.g. !(Test) if I want to exclude a DataPoint that has "Test" in the string. This worked very well in the old Alert UI and we use it a lot.
  2. In my opinion the alerts New UI colours are terrible, please allow us to adjust them or create few other themes (dark theme or old grey theme worked great) to choose from.
  3. For opening....the old reporting was way better: The new one forces save before you run the report : WHY? The new one did NOT incorporate any really meaningful improvements a. it doesn't allow us to customize on the fly....the report is what it 2016 that alone is pretty disappointing. b. it doesn't allow drag-drop of graphical content: The "no graphs" in reports, to me, is a major hang up. c. slow......very slow........selecting what you want......and then watching the bottom half of the screen paint in.....because there is no way to DISABLE the real-time view: Please separate the two types of reporting "real-time viewing" from "batch-run-reporting" so we have a lighter interface and get more done at a faster pace. d. I (attempt to) use this thing to track SYSLOG noise in a datasource we call "Syslog Archiving & Reporting" : in the old version...I'd run my report and get back 55,000 rows + NO PROBLEM .....took 2 minutes to export it to CVS and then I could run my macro in excel locally to format, graph and report on trends. just go ahead and TRY that with the new reports module. Last time I attempted it returned 8000 rows in a time frame of 2 weeks where I KNEW we have more then 75,000 rows.....and this is JUST ONE DATASOURCE/DATAPOINT that collects ONE TYPE of Syslog from a group of 335 hosts for 4 clients. I shudder to think what the effect would be when I add the next 2 big clients we on-board this fall