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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, We think it would be a good idea whenever a netscan ran it can pickup the devices that were newly discovered in a subnet. It would be a nice addition that those devices get included in the email that is sent out on a completed netscan run. In that case we can monitor what lives in a particular subnet. Maybe we can add the devices that went down also to the list. Br, Stijn
  2. Please add an option to disable he "Discovered by..." text being added to the Description property of a device. It is a major pain to have to manually remove these.
  3. We have multiple servers running Docker. Docker creates a network interface with the ip by default, using for the host. When we run a netscan policy, it finds the first server, and any subsequent servers running docker will be excluded as it detects that they all have the ip of and assumes they are the same server. I want to be able to ignore some ips / ranges so the NSP does not incorrectly assume 2 devices are the same.
  4. - Token to name a device based on AWS tag - The ability to exclude devices based on region - All AWS tags should be imported/populated/inherited - Netscan should populate the property instead of system.ec2.resourceid. The former is actually used by the default AWS_EC2 datasource. Probably moot if my third bullet is done.
  5. While setting up NetScan Policy and choosing AWS can we instead rely on the IAM instance role of the collector instance (when the collector is an EC2 instance running in AWS) instead of hardcoding AWS AccessKey/SecretKey in the Netscan policy?