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Found 5 results

  1. WillFulmer

    Snapshot 'Age'

    Looking for something unique here. I am familiar with the NetApp_Cluster_Snapshots datasource (MHNTRC). I would like to setup an alert if 1. No detected snapshot taken in the last XX hours (Ensure Snapshot/SnapManager is working properly) 2. Snapshot exists greater than XX hours (Retention) Thoughts, guidance?
  2. Put together a powershell script that will report/alert on snapmirror lag times for specific volumes. This is for people on clustered mode LM Exchange: XHAPZD
  3. sawyer.lef

    NetApp AltaVault Health Monitor

    SNMP monitor of NetApp Altavault system health LM Locator: ME7CAY
  4. Mosh

    NetApp CPU

    Collects the cpuBusyTimePercent and cpuIdleTimePercent metrics. GRYRJR - NetApp CPU Stats
  5. Dave Culbertson

    NetApp Flash Pool Statistics

    Is there any roadmap for adding Flash Pool Statistics to NetApp filers in Cluster mode? (Or has anyone managed to add them manually that could provide some direction?)