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Found 3 results

  1. Is there a way to move a huge number of devices into a new group in one shot? I did an NetScan CSV import and specified the wrong folder. Is there a way to now move all these into the correct group w/o having to delete then re-import again?
  2. If you have multiple snmp community strings within your environment but they're not consistent within any particular subset of devices, you might want to add them as a list and have LogicMonitor decide which one works for any given device. This proof-of-concept DataSource lets you do that. You'll need an API user within your LogicMonitor account, and that user will need rights to manage all devices (or at least, all that you may need to apply this method to). For that user you'll need to create an API token ID/Key pair; these values should be set at in your device tree as the values
  3. Hi, I was wondering if a feature could be created that would allow me to monitor Response Time/Latency of multiple ping services that I have set up. At this moment in time, I can monitor one customer per widget; I would like to monitor more customers on the same widget showing the same datapoints. For example, in the uploaded image, this is showing the response time of an IP address from all of the checkpoints (Washington, Dublin etc). I would like to monitor the response time of all the customers I have, rather than checking multiple widgets. At the moment, there is a widge