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Found 4 results

  1. We manage multiple Meraki organizations and have been limited by the one collector per organization rule. Monitoring a Meraki organization via the Meraki cloud requires be used as the IP Address/DNS name with the organizations unique snmp settings. A collector requires unique IPaddress/DNS name for each Logicmonitor device which prevents multiple organizations from being monitored by the same collector. To circumvent the one controller per organization limitation we've created internal DNS c-name records which point to and use those as the IP Address/DNS name entry for different client organizations. We are currently running this as a test and haven't experienced any issues to date. I'd like to know if anyone else has experience with this (or any other) workaround, if so if any issues were experienced or if anyone can identify potential problems. Thanks
  2. It would be useful if we could monitor the Meraki cloud endpoint as we do not have a centralized controller, all of the Meraki AP's report directly to the Meraki cloud URL. I was wondering if it is possible to create a datasource to monitor the endpoint as it is an API and can use snmp?
  3. Has LogicMonitor made any adjustments to support how Meraki sends NetFlow traffic?
  4. What needs to be tweaked to get NetFlow working on a Meraki MX100? The NetFlow v9 Template is failing due to missing fields. Both MX100 and LogicMonitor Collector are running the latest code. I have NetFlow running successfully on many ASA's so I am familiar with the overall NetFlow requirements. Thanks in-advance for any assistance!