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Found 3 results

  1. The Map Widget currently only displays map pins for devices (if I'm not mistaken). We would like the option to show device GROUPS instead. For example, given the device group structure shown in the attached image, we want to see ONLY pins for the devices groups Dubai and London. Under each device group we might have devices or further device group hierarchies, the severity of the map pin should be that of the device group. (I've tried adding the 'location' property to the device groups, but the map widget doesn't show a pins for the groups.) We'd like to choose a starting group in the device tree, the map widget should then place a pin on the map for any child group with the 'location' property set.
  2. Thank you for adding Google Maps theme support, in particular the dark theme. Hopefully you will add custom theme support in the future so we can use our own themes. There is still one major problem with the map widget which means it is still not useful to us, the z-ordering of the map pins is flawed. Green pins should be lower in the z-order. Highest z-order should be white pins, then red, then amber. @Sarah Terry @Ali Holmes
  3. The Map Widget does not provide a severity filter. We only use Error and Critical severities in all of our dashboards, as these are alerts we have configured as always actionable. We need to be able to filter severity in the Map Widget also, so that the status of the pins on the map are consistent with the other widgets on a dashboard.