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Found 5 results

  1. Hello to everyone, For the past couple of weeks we've been noticing that from time to time 'customProperties' get created within our 'root' group at LM. We've asked our team if anyone created those, everyone stated that they weren't manually created. Tried to check it within Audit logs, but I can't find any event that relates to that action. I'm not sure what is causing this (couldn't be LM fault)... Examples of properties that get created: - - esx.user/pass We've a bunch of folks working on this at the same time & we're not discarding the possibility of this being done by mistake (however, the weird thing is we can't see this in the Audit logs). Anyone faced this sort of scenario in the past? Thank you!
  2. Hi! I haven't been able to find any specific documentation of trouble associated with this issue so I thought I'd reach out to the community! My team has LogicMonitor integrated with Autotask that we use to open/close tickets, however, it appears that only certain tickets get closed when LogicMonitor alerts disappear. Everything in the integration itself is setup properly to permit closure of these tickets, (Cleared is set to Complete) but often it doesn't occur and we have to clear the alerts from autotask manually which, as you can imagine, can be a time intensive task. Any troubleshooting steps or settings in either LogicMonitor or Autotask that I should look into to fix this issue? Thank you all for any help you guys can provide!
  3. Hello, How can I integrate LogicMonitor and Informatica PowerCenter Services? Is there a way to do this? Thanks, DS
  4. Hello All, I am trying to get 4 Windows to switch every 10 seconds between the different windows - I can do this when the windows have different names but I am facing an issue that i am using LogicMonitor for 3 different dashboards. So the 2 windows mentioned for LogicMonitor are different windows/different dashboards - How can I get my script to identify them as different windows and make them switch between the 2 ?ex: Cassandra Hope this makes sense..... Here is thes script I have: Option Explicit Dim WshShell Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim count Count = 0 Do While Count < 5 WScript.Sleep 10000 WshShell.AppActivate("LogicMonitor - Test123 - dashboard - Google Chrome") WshShell.SendKeys ("%X") WScript.Sleep 10000 WshShell.AppActivate("LogicMonitor - Test123 - dashboard - Google Chrome") WshShell.SendKeys ("%X") WScript.Sleep 10000 WshShell.AppActivate("MQ Dashboard - Google Chrome") WshShell.SendKeys ("%X") Help Me On This! Thanks
  5. Hi to all: I have problems with "StatusFlap" type alerts, the truth is that the platform send me many messages to my email, so, does anyone know if they are false positives? My network devices have no problems on the interfaces, how can i stop this? let me know please, kind regards Iván Martínez