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Found 3 results

  1. Hello LogicMonitor Community ! Andrey here from LM's Monitoring Engineer Team. To supplement the suite of scripted LogicModules provided in the LM Support Center, my colleagues and I have created a public GitHub repository with many more examples. Have a look at the LogicMonitor GitHub Repo, where you'll find various recipes for solving common monitoring script problems. Both Groovy and PowerShell examples are included Feel free to comment below with requests and/or suggested improvements. Happy scripting !
  2. The ability to create and group maintenance scripts; similar to how a data source is currently configured but with additional scheduling abilities in order to run tasks on a specific day of the week and time frame. Additionally, trigger a notification in case of any issues running the script. Examples: 1. PowerShell script that analyzes directories and performs cleanup once a day on specified paths. 2. Schedule device reboots every other day at a specific time. While this can be achieved by other methods such as creating scheduled tasks, this would add value to LogicMonitor as it would be a centralized location for automated tasks across the enterprise.
  3. I have found the new "Test" button on the Datasources' LogicModule setup pages to be invaluable for testing which hosts are associated with my "Applies to" filter. I can make a change to the filter and then get instant feedback, pointing out typographical errors, mispellings, or even possibly that I got it correct! This will be equally valuable for the Eventsources LogicModule setup pages.