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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I have a datasource that uses a regex to pull values out of some JSON and graphs numerous values. This runs on multiple hosts and the host goes critical if a particular value hits 0. I don't want the individual servers to go critical, I'd like a service/website check to go critical if two out of three sites return the zero value in their JSON response. I can write a datasource to check the JSON from each site but then I have to apply it to a host, or multiple hosts, and that defeats the point as I don't care if a single one goes away. Is it possible to create a website check that takes in the JSON, extracts the data required, then passes it on to be used in another step which checks the next site, can I alert on values within the response? Is this even the right way to do it? It would be great if a datasource could be run from a collector group rather than tied to a specific host!
  2. Hello, We are using custom HTTP Integrations towards Servicedesk Plus from Manage Engine. When creating these we need to know what information we are sending to our ticket system so that we are able to see what we need to change to make it work. What we need is some tool to view the complete request we send to Servicedesk Plus. That would be a great help for us. When we test our integrations we just get the answer from the receiving system. Is it possible to have that kind of solution?
  3. Support confirmed that currently JSONPath filter expressions are not supported in Web Services checks. So this is going to be JSONPath expressions that contain: ?() This functionality is supported by Device Datasources, so I can't imagine this is too difficult to implement for Services.
  4. While working on optimizing Powershell scripts for Logic Monitor, we found out that Active Discovery was great for some applications. However, when it came Powershell invoking commands(running scripts on servers), we found that Active Discovery has the potential to generate too many connections to servers. The answer we arrived at was doing everything in one script and returning it all in a JSON response. This worked significantly better than the dynamic Active Discovery, but had one draw back. The data points had to be manually entered. My suggestion is that Logic Monitor modify the data points to allow reference to the JSON responses. Meaning, that we would set one instance of a Data Point with a Name field that indicates the JSON path to an array with all of the Instances and the Post Process could be pointed to the corresponding JSON path for the Value of each instance. JSON Example: [ { "Title":"Name of an Instance", "Value":1 }, { "Title":"Name of another Instance", "Value": 2000 } ] DataPoint would look something like this: Name Metric Type Raw Metric Post Processor Alert Threshold json(Title[*]) guage output json(Value[*]) != 1 Results would create instances like this on a graph as you would if you type them out normal: "Name of an Instance": 1 "Name of another Instance": 2000 I believe this would be more efficient and allow us to be still dynamic. Thanks, Jason Wainwright
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get some results off a Simplivity system using power shell and json. I have the powershelgl working as I would expect, but I can't get the results to show up in LogicMonitor. In collector debug, I see this when running the script. >!posh returns 0 output: [ { "id": "53466cdf-ee82-435e-8619-334b3a3e7583", "name": "Fakename", "type": "OMNISTACK", "members": [ "4230cce1-f672-e708-0ed6-3310d6db8222", "4230e3c6-4cf6-7228-fc86-cbce8cfa4af7", "564dcac8-b774-c644-cb22-e63acfd07cb9" ], "arbiter_connected": true, "arbiter_address": "", "stored_compressed_data": 731283120128, "compression_ratio": "1.8 : 1", "deduplication_ratio": "300.9 : 1", "free_space": 14779864866201, "capacity_savings": 387454100800512, "efficiency_ratio": "530.8 : 1", "local_backup_capacity": 385825262157824, "used_logical_capacity": 388185382895616, "remote_backup_capacity": 0, "allocated_capacity": 15511146961305, "stored_virtual_machine_data": 2360120737792, "stored_uncompressed_data": 1290225192960, "used_capacity": 731282095104 } ] I've attached example of what I've tried for output. Nothing is showing up.