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Found 3 results

  1. Many of the graph points in LogicMonitor hold descriptions of what the data supports. IE: for status 1=OK, 2=Down. Some of these are very long descriptions and when users are mousing over the graph they can only see a bit of this information. In order form to know what all the options are, they have to dig into datasources to figure out what is being reported. I suggest to either expand the data to show everything when you mouse over the datapoint, or allow a function of the graph to extend the side and print the description off the side of the graph if the user wants to see. This can be u
  2. All, we are trying to find a way to display an interface utilization graph in percentages in addition to the current graphs which show in BPS. Any ideas
  3. We have a need to build interface utilization graphs in both BPS and Percentages. We are a Managed Service Provider and most of our customers want graphs in percentages instead of or in addition to the default LogicMonitor datasource graphs in BPS. So far I haven't found anything in the knowledge base telling how to do this. Having said that most of the other monitoring systems I've used give the option of displaying this perf data in both formats out of the box