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Found 2 results

  1. wanabeninja@helient


    I feel foolish in asking this however I need to this get off my plate. I've been asked to setup a monitor that alerts windows systems that have been up for more than 28days. I thought that I could clone the "WinSystemUptime" DataSource, which will report if a system has been rebooted and modify it to report not that a system has been rebooted but the system has not been rebooted. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Hello! We are trying to filter results based on the "updatedOn" property using the ">" operator. However, the request status will always return a 400 - Bad Request. We have used other operators that are successful, such as "!~" Example of a successful call (200 - OK):!~1504905976 Example of a unsuccessful call (400 - Bad Request):>1504905976 Am I doing anything wrong? Is this filter possible?