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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, We've multiple Event Sources setup (each one of them covers multiple events (different sources & event IDs). They're kinda in the same category but they cover different events (example Backup Related Events - within those there's multiple applications, event IDs, etc...). Our question here comes if we need to filter a specific event (within one of those Event Sources) on a specific period of the day. For example, ServerA is returning some events at 2AM EST but those are related with a scheduled job that occurs daily, one of our clients requested us to filter tho
  2. Hello, We've noticed the out of the box event source 'Liebert_Condition_Events' is triggering alarm where the actual date of the event is in the future (example below): NOTE: Blurred the device name (in order to protect our client information) I've already accessed the device in question & the system time is correct. Could this be an issue with the data source 'timestamp' handling? Or there's another thing that I might be missing? Thank you!
  3. Hi, First post and I'm new to LM, though an old hand at monitoring and alerting so be gentle 🙂 I've searched these forums and found a couple 'feature requests' to be able to alert only if message X appears greater than Y times within Z minutes in the Windows Event Log rather than alerting for every occurrence of message X. None of the posts appear to have a solution... Is this still the case? Either an official solution or a work around? Many Thanks Mat
  4. EventSource to trigger Warning, Error or Critical Alerts from your LogicMonitor Audit Logs, using Resource Properties as search strings to identify matching patterns in each Audit Log's username, ip and description fields: lm.auditlogs.warn lm.auditlogs.error lm.auditlogs.critical LM Locator: 763DHG
  5. This is a generic RSS EventSource. Set rss.url on a host with an RSS URL and it will start monitoring it. Of course, for an LM EventSource your events must include key/value pairs for "happenedOn" and "message". If your RSS feed doesn't use these keys, you can override them with the property. For example, if the event timestamp is labelled pubDate and the event message is labelled title you can use happenedOn:pubDate,message:title for your property. You can also use to add other attributes. Locator: YHM79Y Feel free to clone/
  6. Currently the Value field of an alert shows the EVENTID, which is a number and not very useful. Please add option to instead show SOURCENAME. Even better would be if we could specify our own message in the EventSource to be used instead.
  7. We need to be able to filter on the message context inside the SNMP trap, not just: enterpriseOid, generalCode, snmpVersion, specificCode, trapOid Thanks
  8. W9PN3Y I thought I had already posted this one, but regardless - here it is. This does not apply to any servers by default as it can be extremely noisy if you don't have it tuned. This makes an API call to solr to pull error and severe logs and then formats them so that LogicMonitor can understand them. Before applying this, it's not a bad idea to review those logs manually to make sure something isn't repeatedly triggering (as is common with SOLR). Still - it's helped us detect and diagnose a range of issues that would have otherwise been difficult to see.
  9. I have found the new "Test" button on the Datasources' LogicModule setup pages to be invaluable for testing which hosts are associated with my "Applies to" filter. I can make a change to the filter and then get instant feedback, pointing out typographical errors, mispellings, or even possibly that I got it correct! This will be equally valuable for the Eventsources LogicModule setup pages.