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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, Nowadays, we are migrating from CA IM to Logic Monitor platform, when it comes to the event logs monitoring we've some doubts on how to replicate those. Currently at IM we pick what we want to monitor (by creating profiles that look into the Severity, Source, ID, Message, etc...). I do understand this is possible within LM but, from what I checked it would require us to create a different event source every time the source changes (& we are talking about >100 variations). With that in mind, using that method we would create a huge load on the collectors, correct (due to WMI limitations, etc...)? Not sure if this was raised in the past but, is there any other approach/method we could try in order to accomplish this? Appreciate the feedback. Thank you!
  2. We're looking to have log file monitoring for file extension *.rpt and SQL log files. LM does not appear to support anything (out of the box) other than .log and .txt. Has anyone done this via script with other file types in Windows? If so, can you share your solution?
  3. Please make it possible to specify a static DataPoint text in an EventSource definition. We use DataPoint labels with our process automation tools to route alerts. The below is not useful (and also looks kinda ugly in the alert widget display).
  4. Please add options to allow more control over the information included in the alert. We would like to have option to not show the pattern, severity or timestamp info in the alert. We just want to see the lineno, message and path. It would be good to have checkboxes to control which of these items is added to an alert.
  5. For Window Event EventSources please make the SOURCE the DataPoint. Having numeric event IDs as the DataPoint makes no sense to me since IDs can be the same for different SOURCEs. Better yet, I'd prefer to be able to map my own DataPoint label based on a combination of SOURCE and ID.