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Found 8 results

  1. The email monitoring and email round-trip monitors are useful metrics when monitoring an on-premises or hosted email system. One one thing that makes this functionality a bit harder for us to implement is the fact that it uses the IMAP protocol to retrieve messages from the email system. Most of our customers are using Exchange on-premises or Exchange Online. Because IMAP is not the preferred protocol for connecting to an Exchange mailbox, this can present us with some challenges. Some customers may have IMAP functionality completely disabled, or they may block the IMAP ports in their firewall. If we had the option to use one of the HTTPS protocols (possibly EWS?) for email retrieval, that would make this feature much more appealing to us. Another nice to have for our customers with on-premises mail servers, would be the option to send the test not only from the device's collector, but from LogicMonitor's data centers as well.
  2. So we need to email specific alerts to our our ticketing system for storage devices and we noticed that the email body can only be what the Alert Message drop down menu is, specified on the Datasources > Datapoint. Why? Can we not specify a different email body template with this product? We just want to create a new "Alert Message" template that is similar to the usual email body that we've been using in our exiting monitoring solution. I understand we can do a 'customized' alert message but then we'd have to do it on every single data point w/in the data-source. ugh! Am I missing something or is this restricted to this method currently?
  3. We have script DataSources that output useful diagnostics information that help Operations to understand the number value when an alert is generated. We want to include the raw output from a DataSource in the alert and email body. What we need is a ##DSRAWOUTPUT## token which contains the complete raw output sent to standard out from a DataSource script. For example, we monitor for processes running under credentials they are no supposed to be running under, and we want to include that info as textual information in the alert/email body.
  4. Our CTO is asking me to provide a daily email report of some key metrics to our clients and internal stakeholders. I'm able to create a suitable report and email it, however his concern is the number of clicks to view the report. The belief is that the email will just go straight to trash if our clients can't see the report in the email body. For me, using gmail, I have to download the attachment first, then open it from my laptop. Two options we talked about were: 1. Use the HTML report as the body of the email rather than an attachment (surely the days of text-only email clients are gone) 2. A configurable/dynamic subject to provide some hint of what the report actually contains, e.g. the uptime for a particular service over the last 24 hours. If the subject said "100% Uptime", there is no reason to open the report, if the subject said "98% Uptime" I can open to see more detail. Does anyone else have any ideas on how to make reports a little more effective for a somewhat apathetic audience?
  5. I understand that at this moment we can only receive LM Collector update notifications by subscribing to which then sends an email when a new version is released. It would be nice to be able to receive such kind of notifications, using email and/or integrations, when the internal LM 'variable' for Settings->Collectors->Updates->Upcoming->version is changing. An addition to that would be some kind of button/link in the notification to process the update for all or some (selected) LM Collectors.
  6. I think it would be really useful to have a button in every user profile that allows you to "re-send activation email" or "re-send registration email". This way if a user doesn't sign up right away and loses track of the email they got as a new user, you can easily go into their account and re-send that email to them rather than having to reset their password and crafting an email indicating this.
  7. Hi! Is there a chance that in the near future alerts can go in an email along with a png or jpeg of the moment the alert was triggered? Nowadays we're only getting an external link, which is kind of a pain to check over a phone or something. Thanks! from Mercadolibre S.R.L.
  8. We would like to see a ##STEP## variable in the template. It is difficult to determine which part of the site is down by reading the email alert. Current variables in Services Overall Alert template are: Subject ##LEVEL## - ##SERVICE## gets ##VALUE## in ##CHECKPOINT## since ##START## Body Service: ##SERVICE## Checkpoint: ##CHECKPOINT## Description: ##DETAIL## There is the ##URL## variable but it only reflects the main page, not any of the steps.