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Found 5 results

  1. Got an issue where getting a status "5", can't connect on https-443 to a web server on AWS EC2. But can connect to https site from public browser and using curl from the collector, without issue. Running diagnostics through LM shows a timeout. The "Poll Now" data looks fine except Normal Datapoints shows errors. These errors cannot be confirmed.
  2. I know that it is not exactly recommended/reliable to use a 1GB/1CPU Core machine to monitor...but it seems that installing a "nano" sized collector on a t2.micro AWS instance and having it just monitor itself brings the AWS instance to a screeching halt. I am seeing that when the collector is running, top shows that CPU pegs to 100% almost nonstop. Memory is not hit quite as bad..but it does get up there to use 500mb+ But the CPU load average is 5+ cores and it makes the system unusable. Sometimes this causes the instance to throw status alerts & even crash. Question: Has anybody been able to tweak the wrapper.conf etc files to make the collector CPU load less demanding?
  3. HCPFGA The default LogicMonitor datasource names the instances in a strange way and then alerts for events that have already completed. I've added a better instance naming convention that clearly identifies the event that will occur and when. I also put in logic to detect if the scheduled event has already taken place to prevent unnecessary alerting.
  4. While setting up NetScan Policy and choosing AWS can we instead rely on the IAM instance role of the collector instance (when the collector is an EC2 instance running in AWS) instead of hardcoding AWS AccessKey/SecretKey in the Netscan policy?
  5. Two very useful metrics to be monitoring on our EC2 instances are CPUCreditUsage : The number of CPU credits consumed during the specified period. This metric identifies the amount of time during which physical CPUs were used for processing instructions by virtual CPUs allocated to the instance. CPUCreditBalance : The number of CPU credits that an instance has accumulated. This metric is used to determine how long an instance can burst beyond its baseline performance level at a given rate. Close monitoring of these enable us to spot an error if a T2 instance is using more CPU than it should over time, monitoring CPU usage alone is not enough as once your credit balance is 0 the usgagae is throttled by amazon to a baseline level. In other words if your credit balance reaches 0, the cpu utilisation will drop to either 10,15 or 20% depending on the instance type, Making it impossible to alerts on cpu usage of 100%. AWS/EC2>>CPUCreditBalance AWS/EC2>>CPUCreditUsage Added these manually and they work fine, would be nice if these were included in the default logicmodule