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Found 2 results

  1. We have begun implementing a tagging standard in our cloud accounts to better control discovered resources and route alerts accordingly. I would like to be able to route alerts by default based on the value of a tag. I'm aware that I can already set up specific users and then achieve exactly what I'm requesting, but I would much prefer to have a blanket rule that uses the tag's value as the recipient email address(es) directly. Some examples below: See the screenshots below for a visual example of how I'd like to structure this automation.
  2. Summary: We need to be able to automatically scan the network at regular intervals, searching for Switches/Firewalls/workstations/Laptops/Servers and report back someway (connectwise?/email report?) to what it finds and the changes. Details / Needs: To keep monitored systems in compliance (“matching”) with what we sold as MSP Be aware of new switches / servers / workstations on the network, and be able to up-sell based on new device counts