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Found 7 results

  1. I hope someone here can help, Using powershell and the rest API I would like to do a lookup of selected collectors find which has the least amount of devices on it then add the a new device . I have the script for adding the device and that works great just need the collector lookup, has anyone done something similar. Thank you in advanced for all help provided Paul
  2. I have an app admin who wants to suppress CPU critical alerting from 10PM to 4AM for his servers---ok, not a problem. We created a dynamic group filtering for his servers and set a custom alert threshold for the desired time without a critical threshold. The issue I'm having is for the rest of the day from 4:01 AM to 9:59 PM. This app admin does not have a good use case to suppress alerting during these hours, so the standards from the datasource should apply. But in order to get those standard alert thresholds take effect, I am finding I have to create another manual effective threshold for the remaining hours. This becomes a problem if we ever have to change the datasource-defined alert threshold. Having the datasource-defined global threshold automatically included (and linked/updated) as the lowest layer of the Effective Threshold stack would alleviate the need to track and update all of the one offs when new standards are approved.
  3. Shack

    Netscan ##SYSTEMNAME##

    If you choose to use a netscan and want to rename your devices to the system name using ##SYSTEMNAME## the device must respond to SNMP first. The problem is LogicMonitor uses WMI exclusively for Windows, SNMP exclusively for most network equipment and vmware's api for hosts. So in my case I do not have SNMP configured everywhere. Now lets say you are scanning 5 full /24's and they put these devices in your portal. Now I am stuck having to go to the info tab on each one, locate the system.sysname(if present) and then click on Manage and rename the device. With 5 full /24's this a massive amount of devices to have to manually touch. Netscans have to be able to use the default method of connecting to each device and then ##SYSTEMNAME## must come from that depending on the device it is trying to connect to. Making us rely on just SNMP is not feasible.
  4. Hi, I am trying to use the LogicMonitor REST API get a list of allof the devices in a given device group, including all devices in all sub groups below in the hierarchy. I have tried using the /device/groups/{id}/devices API but it just seems to return the devices in that immediate device group. This behaviour seems contrary to the /device/groups/{id}/alerts and /device/groups/{id}/sdts methods which do work with any sub groups below. This was previously possible via the getHosts RPC API method. I believe it is still possible but we are looking to migrate away from the RPC API. Can someone please advise on a solution for this issue?
  5. - Token to name a device based on AWS tag - The ability to exclude devices based on region - All AWS tags should be imported/populated/inherited - Netscan should populate the property instead of system.ec2.resourceid. The former is actually used by the default AWS_EC2 datasource. Probably moot if my third bullet is done.
  6. I want to be able to search on the Device Group Description by using "gd:". Similar to being able to use "g:" to search on group. Other types of searching would be helpful as well, like on custom properties.. "cpn: & cpv:" for Custom Property Name & Custom Property Value, similar to filtering in the REST API.
  7. Luis Fernando

    Report with #devices and #services

    Hi Guys, I need create a report to show the number of devices and services by group. Someone can help me? Regards