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Found 6 results

  1. Is there a way to disable the LM GUI from auto-expanding the device when you click on it. I hate this behavior. I want to just go thru the full list of devices in a group 1x1 but when I click on them, it auto expands the device showing all metrics its collecting. I have to then close that device and then scroll down to the next device and repeat. How do you stop this behavior?
  2. Please make it possible to remove/hide the default Uptime widget from a device view. We have no use for this as we never use the uptime datasource so the widget always shows as zero and this is confusing for my users,
  3. It would be great if we could initiate a search for either devices or alerts based on a URL. Something like /santaba/uiv3/[ service | alert | device | all ]/index.jsp#tree/[ searchTerm ]. The resulting page would be similar to when a search term is entered. This would allow us to embed links to Logic Monitor from outside sources/systems that could point directly to your tool instead of building some complex integration. My particular use case would be from our ServiceNow CMDB or Business Service Map. This also allows us to honor on the privileges setup within Logic Monitor.
  4. Hi, I have a teammate working on some API calls to help us manage our environment a bit better. One thing he noted is that LM doesn't allow us to make a single API call which returns all devices? Wanted to see if there was a way to accomplish this, or if this is a limitation that's going to be lifted? Thanks, Eric
  5. We receive requests from customers every now and then asking whether we could display the number of devices/instances dynamically on a widget, either through a Big Number Widget or Custom Graph Widget. An ancestral practice involves creating a complex datapoint with a value of 1, and then aggregate the sum of this datapoint on the widget to retrieve the total number of devices/instances. This could be tedious as it involves changes made on the DataSource level. There’s good news, though - We have modernized and simplified this method after making a breakthrough on a recent ticket utilizing the following neat and simple method, and we’d like to share this idea with our users: On a high-level, the quintessence of this stratagem is as follows: 1) Identify a non-zero datapoint where you'd like to see it's devices/instance count 2) Configure an Aggregate SUM of this datapoint e.g. AggregateSUM 3) Configure an Aggregate AVERAGE of this datapoint e.g. AggregateAVG 4) Create a Virtual Datapoint with the following expression: AggregateSUM/AggregateAVG Note: Datapoint with NaN will not be counted as a device or instance in the process of aggregation. Example of device count configuration:- Example of instance count configuration:-
  6. Hi, Sometimes we have to set quite a few properties on devices, it would be great to be able to clone these. EG - nodes in a cluster.