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Found 4 results

  1. Goodmorning, I'm trying to create some custom datapoints for an marine antenna control unit (ACU). A lot of the data consists of non numeric output, and with those I'm struggling at the moment. One example is the SNMP output for "Longtitude/Lattitude" this consists of numbers and a letter. Below is the output (and error) I receive when polling: Timestamp: 2018-10-11 10:47:41 Normal Datapoints 1 item iAcsStatusLat NaN Fail to get the result of this oid OID is . Raw value is 53.683331 N Hide Raw Request/Response . 53.683331 N As you can see the "Raw value" is nicely polled, but the datapoint cannot process it (probably due to the "N" in the data). Simpler data like "heading" is not an issue and is nicely being polled and written to the graphs. Basically I just want the datapoint just to poll the raw data, and plot it to the datapoint. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Br, Ralf
  2. For Window Event EventSources please make the SOURCE the DataPoint. Having numeric event IDs as the DataPoint makes no sense to me since IDs can be the same for different SOURCEs. Better yet, I'd prefer to be able to map my own DataPoint label based on a combination of SOURCE and ID.
  3. I'd like to suggest the possibility of adding a "category" to the datapoints. This would assist in alerting and metrics around what types of alerts are occuring. Adding a field to the datapoint would allow us to categorize the type of datapoint for automatic correlation of the events in other systems and as well as provide additional logic for dashboards where you can show alerts based on category type. My idea of default categories would be (not exhaustive, I'd like to see these customizable in the admin area for these to make since for everyone's organization): Capacity Configuration Other Outage/Uptime Performance I've been toying with the idea of adding these just to the alert message template for every alert we have configured and just stripping it out in my automation, but I'm sure there are others that would love to see this as well to help classify the types of alerts that are generated.
  4. I've been trying to get data for individual datapoints within a single instance datasource via the REST API, in this case there are ~twenty datapoints and I only want data for one of them. Using get_data: I can pick out my datasource, however I can't find any information on filtering by datapoint. When I get data, the datapoints are all listed in an array, then the data is presented as an array of arrays for the last hour...I could get the position of the datapoint in the first array, then pick out the data using that position for each array listed in the data but that feels like a bad road to travel. query is essentially: "resourcePath = '/device/devices/73023/devicedatasources/1573061/instances/1928726/data'" Right now I'm adding the datapoints I want to a custom graph, I can then pull out the data for that custom graph e.g. "resourcePath = '/device/devices/73023/devicedatasources/1573061/instances/1928726/graphs/3133/data'" (with multiple lines I can pick specific data by checking the line label). Although this works fine, it still feel like an additional step. What I'd really like is: "resourcePath = '/device/devices/73023/devicedatasources/1573061/instances/1928726/ [datapoint/datapointID] /data'" but I can't see an ID for datapoints or an option for putting a 'name' in. Have I missed something? Does anyone already do this in a simple way?